2019 Chevrolet Onix Concept, Redesign and Price

The 2019 Chevrolet Onix, the current sales innovator in South america, is now available at brand dealerships, such as those found in São Paulo (SP). Good information has not been formally launched, nor has the cost revealed by the producer, however, all numbers revealed by owner are higher (except for Activ adventurer).2019 Chevrolet Onix Concept, Redesign and Price

2019 Chevrolet Onix Interior and Concept

The internal has a red feature on the dash panel and guiding air ports with a flat platform, and clear joints on the chairs and on the hood. The position of the icon is different in 2019 (disclosure / Chevrolet).
Well-equipped, Onix Effects come standard with AC, energy guiding, main multi-media MyLink 2 (with support for Apple CarPlay and Android operating system Auto), OnStar’s assistant program with Unique program, power door window, energy secure, multi purpose innovator with modification Great and the driver’s chair with good modification. There are even things like power shades, air hair conditioners, energy guiding, sections with digital speedometer and tachometer, seatbelt with good modification and rim stress tracking program and alert, among other products.2019 Chevrolet Onix Concept, Redesign and Price

2019 Chevrolet Onix Redesign

The front side of the main focus on is modify. New grill, remodeled fender and remodeled headlamps leave Chevrolet Onix even more eye-catching and suitable. Another modify is shown in the second half of 2019 as a back again light with a new range of lighting and developments inside. The back again of the sports edition is big information from the 2019 Chevrolet Onix . Silver Impact fills up the gap between editions up to now LT and LTZ, each with 1.4 liters.
Outside, it is different from 15-inch metal tires coloured greyish and streamlined kit includes back again and front side spoilers and side dresses. Marked decals around the body and black coloured roofs finish the visible identification of the Impact edition. There are only two choices of external colors: white and red.2019 Chevrolet Onix Concept, Redesign and Price

2019 Chevrolet Onix Engine

Currently, the Onix line is marketed in the country in the following versions: 1.0 SPE / 4 Eco Joy, 1.0 LT SPE / 4 Eco, 1.4 LT SPE / 4 Eco, 1.4 LTZ SPE / 4 Eco, 1.4 LT SPE / 4 Eco (Aut) 1.4 Activ SPE / 4 Eco, 1.4 LTZ SPE / 4 Eco and 1.4 Activ SPE / 4 Eco. The new Onix cost at the entry edition costs $ 39,590 and can reach the recommended cost of US $ 62,590 in the most finish version